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Lighting is one of the most powerful ways to set the mood for your home, especially considering that most entertaining happens in the evening.

From consultation through to installation, our team are experts in designing lighting that highlights and elevates the stand-out features of architectural homes.

We start by discovering how you desire to use each space to ascertain what type of light is required. Then we focus on an in-depth lighting design with high-quality fittings. However, the smarter aspects of lighting design are where we really excel, with lighting controls and automation, to enhance your lifestyle.

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Interior lighting

Layered throughout a room, ambient, task and accent lighting work together to achieve a rich and flexible lighting experience.

From ambient lighting for general illumination, to accents to showcase your favourite piece of art, and task lighting for detailed work, our team will design solutions that let the spaces that matter to you really shine.

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Landscape lighting 

Bring your beautiful landscaped garden and home to life, showcasing them with lighting that highlights your architectural features, walkways and garden. Using green, economical LED lighting we can help add character and ambience to your home and garden.

It’s a brighter future when your home’s lighting is designed with you in mind

Let there be light!
Let there be light!

Our qualified consultants have created a wide variety of bespoke lighting designs in high-quality homes throughout Canterbury.

We design with light. The right type of light, in the right place, for the right purpose. Light serves a purpose, so we design for purpose.  

We work alongside you to make the most of each and every space.

Light Fittings
Light Fittings

Light fittings are essential design elements that shape the way light is directed and enhance the interior design of a space.

By carefully selecting and incorporating light fittings that align with the design vision, we can create a harmonious, visually pleasing environment that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Lighting Control
Lighting Control

The lighting control systems we provide utilise the very best in leading technology. This creates lighting that automatically works alongside motion, presence, and your daily routines.

Additionally, brightness and colour temperatures can be controlled in accordance with your ideal circadian rhythm.

Contact us now regarding lighting for your new home.