Long gone are the days when home security meant just having your door locked – and a protective dog.

Security Cameras

Secure your home and keep a watchful eye on the children playing in the backyard using the latest security cameras. Monitor and watch using tablets and smart phones from anywhere and record in high definition for future viewing of events around the home or to provide evidence if ever required. Check who is at the front door or gate before opening that door or check in on a sleeping baby at the other end of the home.

Smart Systems can design a security camera solution for every need using the latest discrete high definition cameras that easily integrate into the home with access from anywhere.

Smartphone Control

Control your alarm from anywhere using the latest alarm app to open the garage door for a friend that has come round to borrow the mower, know when the kids have come home from school or arm the alarm at the airport after you have rushed out the door.

Smart control of the alarm allows you to control appliances in the home or bach – like turning the hot water cylinder on a day before arriving, or turning the lights on in the house when coming home at night. Control and operate the alarm and devices connected through the alarm – cost effectively – from anywhere in the world.

Intrusion Alarm

  • House alarms that can be set and unset from anywhere at any time using an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Alarm trigger and fire and/or smoke detection notifications on your smartphone or tablet – or to a monitoring company – within 20 seconds.
  • 110-decibel sirens – that’s as loud as a heavy-rock concert
  • Have the house lights that automatically turn on when smoke detectors activate. Alarm activates for fire and the kids wake up middle of night, alarms gone off, but the lights are on to see where they are going.
  • Smoke detectors with dual power supplies – no more changing batteries.
  • Sensors to monitor heat, smoke, doors, intrusion, movement, glass breaks and vibrations.
  • Remote control pendants to open close garage doors and arm and disarm the alarm.