Have your home set to entertain guests, hold a party to celebrate a big event or relax on a Friday night after a long week at work.

Home Theatre

Experience cinema-quality movies and all the big matches without leaving the comfort of home with our home theatre systems.

With amazing 3D surround sound and 4K Ultra picture we will bring your screen to life and keep your family entertained, informed and enthralled. Discreet in-ceiling and in-wall speakers painted to match your decor will keep your home clear of freestanding speakers and stands.

With a system that will aesthetically and easily integrate into any home we have a solution for everyone, whether its floor standing speakers to in-built integrated speakers, TV’s seamlessly hung on the lounge room wall or easy to use all in one remote controls, we have an option for you.

Multi-room Audio

Throwing a party? Chilling out in the lounge? Or do you just want to make chores far more enjoyable? You can enjoy your favourite music in every room in your home – either all playing the same tunes or with different artists or genres playing in each room.

Stream your music from Spotify, play tracks stored on your smartphone or tablet wirelessly or listen to your favourite CDs or the radio.
Discreet in-ceiling and in-wall speakers can be installed in every room with localised or wireless control.


Why have five remotes when you can have just one? We can make the impressive technology simple and easy to use. Just press a single button and you can have your system set up just the way you like it.

Need to change the volume or skip tracks sitting outside on the deck? You can run your system on your smartphone, tablet or through a remote control that wirelessly integrates into all your equipment, no need to get up.

Keep the home clear and clutter free by centrally locating all your equipment in a cupboard or garage avoiding the mess of all the cables and use a simple remote control system to operate everything throughout the home.