Automation and control can simplify and easily help you control and operate your home from near and afar.

Automated Control

Welcome home – with one press of a button your gates and garage door open, your home lights come on and your favourite music starts playing. Don’t worry about closing the blinds as the daylight fades or forgetting to turn your heating system on as the temperature drops – our easy-to-use control systems can take care of that for you too.

Automatic blinds, heating, lighting and doors can simplify your life – and help with security when you’re not home.

With a well-designed system an automated control system can help control the home keeping the house warm, secure and enthralling. With the use of simple wall controllers, touch screen and apps the pains of controlling and operating the home can be automated and easy.

Have a system that sets the stay at home alarm, turns all the non-night lights off, ensures the gate and garage are closed and turns all the appliances off.

Smart Home Control

Control your home from anywhere using the latest smartphone or tablet. Open the garage door, turn on the heating system or simply have the lights come on down the hallway before you get home.

With the control app, that is easy and simple to use, you can cost effectively control appliances in the home providing flexibility, comfort and savings.

Heading up to the bach for a relaxing weekend, use the app to turn on the HWC, heating and security lights so the place is warm, safe and ready for you as you arrive.

App Control

With the use of apps and portable devices you can be sitting outside on a warm summer’s night listening to your favourite music – using your phone to lift the volume or change to the next track. Apps can easily and very cost effectively provide a level of control in your home that allows your systems to work for you with ease.

Portable devices and apps provide you with the ability to interact and control your home from anywhere in the world, providing you a peace of mind and control. In the departure lounge at the airport and not entirely sure you shut the garage door or armed the alarm? Simply open up the app, check the status and arm the alarm and shut the door if required.