Coming home to a warm home in winter or sleeping in a cool home in summer is easy, unobtrusive and cost effective.


Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your home. They’re quiet and provide you and your family comfortable warmth during winter and welcome heat relief over summer. Don’t come home or wake to a cold house with 7-day timers the heat pump will have your home warm when you get up in the morning and when you arrive home from work.

Want the whole house warm or no unsightly hi-wall heat pump units, a ducted system could be perfect for your home. With the heat pump unit located in the roof space and only small sleek outlets strategically placed around the home you can have an efficient heating and cooling system.


Ventilation is vital for every home, new or old, as a good ventilation system will remove damp stale air and replace it with fresh dry air. Keeping the damp stale air out and dry fresh air in the home it will be easier to heat as less energy is required to heat dry air.

Lossnay is a fresh air ventilation system the works by extracting stale air from inside your home to remove damp air, odours, bacteria and gasses. Fresh air is then brought in via an energy recovery system that takes the heat energy of the stale air and heats up the incoming fresh air before pumping it into the home.

Drivaire is a forced air ventilation system that takes warm dry air from the roof space and pumps this into the home forcing the damp air, allergens and dust out. With a smart control system the ventilation system operates at different speeds depending on the air temperature in the roof meaning the house will not be unnecessarily cooled.

Floor Heating

Underfloor heating is a warmth like no other – imagine the luxury of walking barefoot on gently heated tiles on a frosty winter’s morning. With easy to control wall controllers, set and forget the temperature of your tiled area’s and enjoy the luxurious warmth coming right up from your feet. Maintenance free and efficient undertile heating is a great way to heat your tiled areas.