It has never been more affordable in New Zealand to produce alternate, green, low cost electricity for your home or business.


Solar power generates free energy that will save you money, without changing the way you live. With a grid connected or off grid solar power system you can heavily supplement your power bill. With the benefit of load shifting you ensure you use as much of the energy you produce, maximising the advantage of not paying for power from the grid. When there is excess power the system will export that electricity back into the grid where all New Zealand power providers offer some form of credit for surplus.

Smart Systems can design a solar power system to suit your power requirements, budget and provide tips and options to utilise as much of the power as possible, making it work for you.

The importance of sustainable living is increasing and energy efficiency is a popular selling point. A 2011 study carried out found that a Grid Connect PV System increases the resale value of a home, and a home with a Grid Connect PV System is likely to sell twice as fast as a home without one.

Green Energy

Solar power not only saves you money on your power bill, it’s a 100% renewable green energy source.

Our sun is a large, naturally occurring nuclear reactor that emits tiny energy particles called photons that bombard our earth every day. These photons collide with the solar panels knocking electrons loose in the silicon of the panels creating an electrical DC current. With an array of panels all the DC electricity combines and flows from the panels to an inverter. The inverter converts the DC power into AC power ready for use in the home, or when not required re-directs the power to the grid.

With the PV solar panels having an expected life of 25 years or more with little to no moving parts virtually ensuring no maintenance required, going solar is a great generator of green power.

Renewable Energy

Durable, reliable, long life components – Quality brands offer long term warranties on their panels (usually 25-30 years) guaranteed power output. Inverter warranties range from 5 to 10 years.

With no moving parts, there is virtually no maintenance required for your system other than cleaning (if required) or ensuring tree growth does not become an obstruction.
Most PV Panels carry an output warranty of 25 years and are guaranteed to produce 80% of the rated power output of this time.