An Electrolux central vacuum system makes the task of vacuuming quicker and quieter, whilst being very easy to use.


With indoor air being up to five times worse than outdoor air, the worst thing for asthma and allergy sufferers may very well be the air inside their own homes. An Electrolux central vacuum system really is the smart choice for families with young children and for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Unlike portable vacuums that can recirculate dust and other nasties a Electrolux central vacuum system sucks up and carries away dirt, dust, dust mites, pollen and other allergens out of your home away from living areas to the vacuum system which is usually located in the garage.


Because there is no heavy vacuum cleaner to drag around your home bashing into the furniture and walls, or carry as you vacuum the stairs an Electrolux central vacuum system is easier to use. An Electrolux central vacuum system has only a lightweight hose following behind you that covers a large area being 9 meters long. Not only will you find it easier to vacuum your home, but there will be less damage.

Quiet and Powerful

An Electrolux central vacuum system provides up to five times more power than portable cleaners. Because the power unit is mounted out of the way on the garage wall and not dragged around as you clean, the motors and fans which develop the suction are built larger and more powerful.

Patented sound reduction technology is integrated into the central vacuum system that ensures an ultra-silent operation! It’s so quiet you can enjoy the freedom of vacuuming when others are studying, resting or sleeping nearby.